UH Transformation

Achieving Fiscal Fitness

Discipline and Innovation Streamline Care Costs

UH is shaping up for the challenges of a new age of health care like an athlete training for competition: by getting leaner and developing new muscles.

Our UH Transformation initiative is strengthening our bottom line and enhancing patient care by improving efficiencies and managing costs. Employees systemwide have contributed to the exercise by identifying opportunities to contain costs and increase revenues sustainably by a combined $150 million over a three-year period. With great progress in 2012, UH Transformation had achieved 92 percent of its three-year goal.

This discipline is essential in an era of health care that is increasingly competitive and value-driven. Reimbursements are flattening while demand for advanced care is rising. Providers must shape up to do more with less.

UH is prepared. Our supply-chain operation, for example, is getting better by slimming down. It drew national attention in 2012 by using automation, process standardization and other tools to save $25 million a year and improve service to our integrated network of hospitals and physicians.

Energy conservation measures through the Greening UH initiative are another example of an emerging UH strength. Efficiency improvements all across UH Case Medical Center were so effective that in 2012, power costs were below 2010 levels – despite the addition of the 120-bed UH Seidman Cancer Center and the new Center for Emergency Medicine and Marcy R. Horvitz Pediatric Emergency Center.

“What motivates us,” says Steven D. Standley, UH Chief Administrative Officer, “is finding new ways each day to make more resources available for patient care. And when we see patients receive such great care from our clinical caregivers, it feels great to know we’re all on the same team.”