Talent and Culture

At University Hospitals, we are committed to providing our patients – and patients all across the nation – with the finest care available anywhere. We act on that commitment by ensuring UH has the most talented physicians and employees, and by preparing professionals to care for patients all across America.

We continually advance the field of medicine by training tomorrow’s health care professionals to our demanding UH standards. Medical students, residents, fellows, nursing students and allied-health professionals – and ultimately our patients – benefit from hands-on instruction from leading medical experts. UH Case Medical Center is the primary affiliate of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, so we offer an unrivaled depth of resources and services, and access and exposure to the latest technologies and medical breakthroughs.

And we focus heavily on recruiting, retaining and developing talented clinicians and nonclinical employees all across the UH system. We consciously cultivate a positive workplace environment and provide our physicians, nurses and employees with opportunities to grow – all for the benefit of our patients.

Finally, we prioritize an ethical, values-based workplace, with diversity and inclusion among the core values that shape everything we do. Our resolve to be good stewards of the environment also reflects our commitment to ethical behavior – and we believe that what is good for the environment is good for our patients.